Netronics SCADA
MOXA Intelligent Transportation Systems
Westermo ailway Network
Innovaphone IP Telephony & VOIP - IP 150
Lightpointe Wireless
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Moxa, Westermo, Netronics & Innovaphone | Industrial Networking Devices | Dubai & U.A.E.

Moxa, Westermo, Netronics, Innovaphone, Exalt, Proxim, Lightpointe

Since its inception, eWorld has been providing best services as a distributor of leading edge mission critical, enterprise data/voice, security, and Industrial Device Networking solutions across U.A.E, Dubai, Middle East and GCC . Through a unique synthesis of the industry and technical expertise eWorld has established a solid reputation as a leader in implementing and maintaining Industrial Networking & Device Communication projects through strong partner channels in Middle East.

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